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Posted On 04  Aug  2014  

India – A false dawn or bright future?

Some newspapers have already written Mr. Modi off from observing what they describe as a ‘lacklustre start’ or misplaced euphoria after the Indian market registering a gain of 20% so far this year in local currency terms. Last week India blocked a global trade deal and the first budget was not as exciting as everyone wanted it to be. The problem are real. India is corrupt through and through. There are no or only a handful of industrialists in India with clean hands. The government has made sure of that, because nothing moves in India without some form of bribery. India is on the surface a socialist leaning country. Everyone talks idealistically. There is a fair amount of protectionism and it works to feed the few who are left in charge of regulations and implementation of imports and exports. In action India is an example of extreme Darwinism. Everyone is