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Posted On 19  Dec  2015  

Climate change could cause consumer confidence and consumption to contract

19/12/2015 I was in Delhi, India recently. Delhi was dirty. The streets were dirty and the air was dirty. I didn’t leave the hotel unless I had to. I had no desire to visit museums or shopping malls. I wanted to buy presents for family and ended up not spending. My son recently came back from Beijing, China after an exchange program. The smog, he told us, made it impossible to go jogging. Even in the gym, the air was dirty. “I wouldn’t go back to work in China. People try not to go out unless they need to” he told us. “How can they deliberately poison their own people like that?” I asked. In 2006 I created a series of ABN AMRO Climate Change Indices. The concepts were simple. In one Index I looked at all the environmentally friendly sectors, Solar, Wind, Geothermal, Hydro, Energy Storage, Waste Management, Water